Brief Introduction

Gunning Mixes for Ladle

According to the gunning characteristics of gunning mixes and considering the destructibility of slag lines and easily worn parts of ladles, AMR specially developed HT series of gunning mixes with the unique binding agent and additives.

The series of products show the features of strong adhesion, low rebounding rate, easy-sintering, excellent erosion and corrosion resistance. So they are ideal choices for cold/hot repair to slag lines and other parts of ladles.

MgO % Min. 8
Al2O3 % Min. 70
Bulk Density g/cm3 Min. 110℃x16h 2.50
1500℃x3h 2.40
Modulus of Rupture Mpa Min. 110℃x16h 5.0
1500℃x3h 7.0
Cold crushing strength MPa Min. 110℃x16h 8
1500℃x3h 50
Water addition  % 11±1
Max. service temperature (℃)

Gunning Mixes for Ladle