Brief Introduction

 Refractory products for Converter

Magnesia-Carbon Bricks

AMR series of MgO-C bricks for converter are designed according to different operation conditions and application parts of the lining. More...

Repair Mixes

AMR series of hot repair mixes are suited for easy worn lining such as trunnion area, taphole area and large working face in converter. More...

Taphole Block

AMR series taphole blocks take high purity fused magnesia, large crystal magnesia and high purity flake graphite as raw materials. More...

Purging Plug

In accordance with the requirement of steel process, its average life is usually 15~40 heats, 600~2000 minutes of the Argon blowing time. More...

Permanent Lining bricks

MgO-Based Ramming Mixs


Refractory Products for Converter