Brief Introduction

2 Properties
Higher content of Ni and Mo alloys, pearlite, bainite and martensite matrix with excellent performance. It has the higher conductivity of thermal and high tensile strength. A dense net primary cementite with high wear-resistance is produced through changing the heat treatment technology and the composition of the structure with bainite, martensite and acicular nodular.


Mechanical Properties Centrifugal Static
Hardness of shell HSD50-80 HSD45-70
Hardness of neck HSD35-48 HSD35-55
Tensile Strength of core ≥450Mpa ≥300Mpa

Chemical Analysis

Grade Hardness(HSD) C Si Mn Ni Cr Mo Mg
SGP1 50-65 2.9/3.4 1.2/1.8 0.4/1.0 0.5/1.0 0.2/0.6 0.2/0.6 ≥0.04
SGP2 50-70 2.9/3.4 1.2/1.8 0.4/1.0 1.0/3.0 0.2/1.2 0.2/0.6 ≥0.04
SGP 60-80 3.0/3.5 1.2/1.8 0.4/1.0 3.0/4.5 0.2/1.2 0.6/1.0 ≥0.04


Roughing and intermediate stands of various type continuous rolling mill, finishing stands of bar mill, section mill, finishing stands and back up rolls of strip mills, also suitable for stainless-steel strip hot mills.

Centrifugal and Static Casting Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Roll and Ring