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  • Brief Introduction

    AMR Sealant

    AMR Sealant is a water based high temperature resistant fireclay using high alumina fiber as the main raw material. It is used in the installation, reparation, and sealing of chutes, joints, pin-boards and nozzles. It is an air hardening material featured with fast drying, high strength and good corrosion resistance. 

    Main characteristics:

    • Nonwetting to molten aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc and their alloy. 
    • Convenient construction, fine surface quality, no adhesion.
    • Good adhesion ability to all refractories.
    • Fast drying and no shrinkage during high temperature service. 
    • Water based, no volatilization of hazardous materials during service, clean and environmental friendly.
    • Long shelf life and good chemical stability.
    Physical Properties:

    Wet Density 1.5g/cm3
    Sintered density(750℃) 0.8-1.0g/cm3
    Linear Shrinkage Dried at 120℃ for 24h: <0.2%
    Dried at 750℃ for 24h: <0.5%
    Dried at 1000℃ for 24h: <1%
    Maximum service temperature(continuous) 1250 ℃
    Loss on ignition 1000℃ 5%
    Shelf life(4-32℃) 6-12 month after delivery
    Thermal conductivity  200℃ 0.15W/(m·K)
    400℃ 0.17W/(m·K)
    700℃ 0.18W/(m·K)

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