Brief Introduction

Flexible Graphite Foil and Sheet

Flexible graphite sheet, flexible graphite roll are widely used in the fields of petroleum & chemical industry, refining, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, papermaking, automobile, shipping building, pharmacy, aerospace industry, nuclear industry, etc.

Flexible graphite sheet & roll, namely expanded graphite sheet & roll, is made from flake graphite with high carbon content which is gone through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity, and is the basic material for making all kinds of reinforced graphite sheets, graphite tapes, packing and sealing gaskets.

Working Temperature:

Temperature(°C )
In oxidizing atmosphere In non-oxidizing atmosphere Pressure(Mpa) PH Range
-240~650 -240~3500 10 0~14

Standard Specification:

Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(m) Density(g/cm3)
Sheet Roll 2~1500 1~1000 0.6~2.0
0.10~10.0 0.10~2.0


Flexible Graphite Roll/Sheet