Brief Introduction

AMR Thermally Formed Rigidized Combo Bags

AMR thermally formed rigidized combo bags deliver improved motlen metal temperature distribution and optimal flow control for aluminium vertical direct chill(VDC) slab/rolling ingot casting.

Chemical composition:

             Chemical Analysis  Guarantee Value (%)
SiO 54.00%
AlO 14.00%
CaO+MgO 22.00%
BO 10.00%
NaO+KO <2.00%

Physical Data:

Working temperature 1290-1650
Weave type Plain & Leno
Loss on ignition <5%
Thickness 0.35-0.6mm


  • Optimal rigidness

  • Wrinkle Free & Consistency

  • High temperature resistance and shock resistance

  • Improved bottom block filling

  • Least distortion and higher precision for Jumbo Slab Casting

Thermally Formed Rigidized Combo Bags