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  • Brief Introduction

    Sizing, Forming reducing and profiling rolls are made of tungsten carbide or steel and are used to produce smooth or ribbed wire for the construction reinforcement  field
    Application of tungsten carbide roll

    With high strength, high hardness and good wear rear resistance, tungsten carbide rolls (composed of WC, Co, Ni and other rare metals) are developed for high-speed wire rolling. To make the best used of carbide rolls, attention should be paid to things listed below:

    • Choice of Grade
              Choose the appropriate grades for different stands 
              according to the groove shape rolling speed.          
    • Installation of Rolls
              Before installation, cheek the roll, tapered housing 
              and roller. The match between roll, roller and tapered
              housing should not be tight or loose. The same grade
              is recommended for the same stand.
    • Cooling of Rolls
                 Rolls must be cooled down to prevent thermal fatigue 
             crack and to prolong the service life. 4—6 bar cooling
             water pressure is recommended for finishing stands, 
             and flow quantity of 250-300L/min, per pass is required.                                                                       


    Tungsten Carbide Roll Ring