Brief Introduction


Since its high content of M7C3 type carbide in the range of 20-30% and discontinuous network distribution of carbide, the roll offers a high wear resistance performance. The matrix consist of tempered martensitic and sorbite with finely-dispersed secondary carbides (M7C3, M23C6 and M3C types), increasing the wear resistance of roll. The Cr2O3 enriched oxide film on the roll surface is highly resistant to oxidization and plastic strain, making the roll extremely suitable for steel hot rolling process.

Mechanical Properties
Hardness of shell HSD65-85
Hardness of neck HSD35-48
Tensile Strength of core ≥450Mpa

Chemical Analysis

C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo
2.4/3.0 0.4/0.6 0.8/1.2 16.0/20.0 0.8/1.5 0.8/2.0


Mainly used for the front 3 and 4 finishing stands and the later roughing stands of continuous strip mill.


High Chrome Cast Iron Roll and Ring