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  • Brief Introduction

    Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filtration Boards

    Al2O3 ceramic foam filtration boards are produced by adopting high quality alumina as the main raw material, a special shaping method, and high tempearture calcining. They are mainly used for filtration and impurity-removing of Al or Al alloy molten liquid with good filtration precision and flow stabilizing effect. 

    Main Features:

    • High quality alumina of main raw material, high strength, and precise dimensions. 
    • Maximum service temperature of 1200℃ and long service life
    • High through pore rate, few blocked pores, no spalling
    • Good erosion resistance to Al liquid and excellent hot properties 

    Specifications(British) Palne Size(Metric)
    7 inch 178×178±2mm
    9 inch 229×229±2mm
    12 inch 305×305±2mm
    15 inch 381×381±2mm
    17 inch 432×432±2mm
    20 inch 508×508±2mm
    23 inch 584×584±2mm
    26 inch 660×660±2mm

    • Edge bands with different thickness(4-6mm) can be used for the products upon the on-site conditions. 
    • The products shall be pre-heated together with the filtration box at 700℃ or above. 
    • Severe vibration shall be avoided, keep dry. 
    • The shelf period of the products are 12 months. 

    Ceramic Foam Filtration Boards