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  • Brief Introduction

    The guide roll made of TiC-based Cemented Carbides are the main consumptive parts, completed together with cemented carbide roll-rings in rod and wire milling in steel industry to ensure that the heated steel can be exactly guided into roll groove to prevent steel winding and tail swing.

    TiC-based Cemented Carbides and their mechanical properties

    Grade Main Components Density
    HRA hardness (20C) N/mm2 
    Transverse Rupture Strength 
    Young’s modulus
    Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6 Applications
    HTN-1 (Ti,W)C - Ni 6.40~6.70 ≥84.5 ≥1500 370 7.0 Guide roll
    HTN-2 (Ti,W)CN- Ni 6.35~6.55 ≥83.0 ≥1600 360 7.0 Guide roll

    1. Excellent crack resistance.
    2. Good self-lubrication ability and low friction factor
    3. Good wear and corrosion resistance
    4. Resistance to thermal impact better than that of alloy steel, with a life time 20~50 times that of the latter.
    5. Non-magnetic, not easy to be adhered by metal.
    6. Smaller specific gravity, good acceleration property, prolonging bearing performance life
    TiC-based Cemented Carbides

    Guide Roll