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  • Brief Introduction

    SUPERGLIDE Boron Nitride Coatings 

    Coatings use purified and high crystallinity hexagonal BN powders as main ingredient. Supplied in a liquid form suitable for brushing, they can be diluted with water to spraying and dipping consistencies. 

    Production Data:

    Index AP FDI AL FDI
    Boron Nitride >75% >85%
    B2O3 <0.06% <0.06%
    Total wt% Solid Phase 0.37 0.35
    PH Range(PH) 7~8 3~4
    Binder Phase Amorphous Silica Al2O3
    Dissolvent Water Water
    Brookfield Viscosity(cps) 3000~4200 2000~3300
    Color White/Blue White/Blue
    Specific Gravity 1.12 1.20
    Max Use Temperature Air 1000℃/1832℉ 1000℃/1832℉
    Vacuum 1400℃/2552℉ 1400℃/2552℉
    Inert ------- 1800℃/3272℉

    • AP FDI Coatings are especially used in applications where a strong resistance to fast moving molten metal is needed, refractories such as nozzle, launders, molten melt pumps, also hot pressing mold. 
    • AL FDI Coatings can be applied to almost all refactory substrate surfaces. Also suitable for demoulding in the glass industry. 

    SUPERGLIDE Boron Nitride Coatings