Brief Introduction


Carbon and Graphite Felt

Carbon and graphite felt is an insulating material manufactured by carbonizaition of natural and synthetic fibers with unique textile,chemical and thermal properties. Rigid graphite felt is a shape-retentive insulating material made from graphite fibers and a carbon binder.

Typical Applications

Furnace resistance or induction heated vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces, such as degassing furnace, brazing furnaces, soft and brightannealing furnaces, sintering furnaces for hard metals, carburizing furnaces, laboratory graphitizing furnaces; inductively heated melting andheat treatment furnace, in which a proportion of the ceramic insulting material is replaced by felt in order to increase the electrical efficiency and prevent the liquid metal from coming into contact with the induction coil in the event of crucible fracture (not wetting).  

Carbon and Graphite Felt