Brief Introduction

Holloware Casting Bricks/Bottom Pouring brick


AMR offers a complete range of high quality dry pressed Holloware casting bricks/Bottom pouring bricks, ranging from 38% to 70% in alumina content. Firing is accomplished in multi-stage kilns to ensure even and accurate burning and consistent properties. Strict quality control standards control brick appearance and inherent variables such as strength, density and porosity.

                Material  Properties HTN-40 HTN-42 HTN-60 HTN-70
Refractoriness ℃ ≥1710 ≥1750 ≥1750 ≥1780
Apparent porosity % 17-25 ≤18 27 27
 Cold crushing strength Mpa   ≥39.2 ≥20 ≥19.6
Permanent linear change % 1400℃x2h+0.1~-0.3 1400℃x2h0~-0.3 1500℃x2h+0.2~-0.3 1500℃x2h+0.2~-0.3
Chemical properties Al2O3 % ≥40 ≥42 ≥60 ≥68

Bottom Pouring Brick